Friday, April 21, 2017

Harbor Girls

They sat there on the boardwalk, quiet and entranced it seemed. The harbor was quiet, the water still; and like a cat in a window, they seemed to be enjoying the sun’s bathing warmth. Each wore their own style of sunglasses, and I thought how protected they probably felt shielded from any intrusion by passersby, projecting that sense of invisibility to the public eye. What drew me to paint these Harbor Girls (14x18) was how relaxed they were, and how easily they had settled on these familiar docks. I could tell they were locals, and most likely came to this spot often during the warm seasons. The other outstanding characteristic was how their warm skin tones complimented the cool blue-green water and boats in the background. It set them out naturally. Gave them distinction. And to enhance that affect in the painting I added some design to their clothing.

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