Friday, April 21, 2017

Red Sails

This painting (Red Sails, 16x18) is primarily about shapes and colors, and light and shadows. I knew there was something special about this scene the moment I came across these two boats. The conditions were perfect. The tide out, these two boars sat exposing much more of their construction than otherwise would be. Boats out of water portray a predicable reclining posture, as if resting on an elbow while waiting for the water to return under their hulls. There’s character in the gesture. A gentle breeze blew that day, which cooled the sun’s intensity a bit, and fluttered the red sails with a half-earnest wave. The colors of these boats also spoke out. The big, muscular red and black next to delicate, soft wood-tone and white adds contrast and interest. And though it isn’t as evident here as it is in the original painting, the anchor lines that come in from the bottom give a great sense of depth as they pull the viewer into the painting.

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